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Please make this fight worthwhile.

You may think that we are fallen soldiers in this war, however we are soldiers who will always deserve to be remembered in a war memorial, remember us as tireless fighters who made the world reborn, please make it worthwhile.

Probably our departure will be a bitter and subtle reminder that the world is not disposable, that the world always deserves a break and those deep breaths in which cleansing of the spirit is needed; Take care of your world, please make it worth it

Now it is the turn of the victorious soldiers to take the next fight, to always remind future generations that caring for and valuing the family is always the most important thing, because you lived in that time when an affectionate touch became a monumental threat, and it made you replace hugs for smiles, kisses for words and meetings for screens. teach future generations to love better, please make it worthwhile.

The fallen soldiers learned that we should have been better with our health in years where well-being was a treasure without being valued, in this war the consequences of those neglects were suffered, leaving us vulnerable, but that taught that loving ourselves in health is the ideal state to survive these struggles. Take care of yourself, take care of the temple that is your body. We have to learn the hard way that health is an underrated and undervalued treasure, so take care, make it worth it.

The situation taught us to go for what we did not dare before, by force or conviction, we had to fight for abandoned dreams, some because of being separated from their work and others simply because of the teaching that we go one day at a time Today we are and tomorrow we are not, the day is today. For that reason, for the fallen soldiers, for whom we manage to value it but we cannot live, make it worthwhile.

Please enjoy that first hug that will exist when this fight is over, enjoy that feeling of complete security when being side by side with your intimate loved ones, enjoy the next great concert as if it were the first of your life, become a tireless traveler again. , cross borders without fear and do not allow those family reunions to take a long time to happen again; Do it for us, make it worth it.

Please, do not take our departure in vain, the fight continues, the world was on hiatus to give us great lessons and among them we had to be withdrawn from the field of war called life. This was probably our life goal. Love yourselves, take care of yourselves, take care of the world and be better people. Value the assets of your lands and the people who support you. Please make it worth it. Finally, dear family, live and be happy please, do not mourn my loss anymore. In this year we learned that life is very fleeting, fight for your dreams that I will be watching over them as in life I worried about every step you took to achieve them, be happy, live, laugh more, sing more, travel more, dance more and love better and strengthen your faith. Please make this fight worthwhile.

Autor: Cristina Lugo

R.I.P. Tío Paco Hernández

Thank you always for caring about our dreams We'll meet again

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