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Hello Travelers!

Today I present the new version of my top travel applications, last year I also made one where there are many applications that are my favorite when traveling, today I want to show you another 10 different applications that will help you to make the planning of your trip super simple!

Let begin!


about a month ago I showed you a mini tutorial of this application on my Instagram account

It is an application that personally has helped me a lot at the time of packing since you can enter the information about your trip such as how many days you will be at the destination, what activities you will do, type of destination (mountain, beach or city) and it automatically provides you the climate of your destination for the selected dates of your trip and the app is in charge of designing a perfect luggage list for the time of packing, THAT EASY, THAT FAST!



This application will be super useful when planning your trip, you can enter your flight itineraries, you can link the app with your email so that the application is aware of any changes in the itinerary and that you have the confirmations on hand, You can enter what activities you plan to do per day, the tours you have scheduled and the places to stay, you can also connect the application with your travel companions and emergency contacts, you can also add maps to your travel itinerary which is super cool.



This application will be very useful especially when you travel in a group, since it helps you to divide each expense among all the travelers, or for example in a visit to a restaurant during the trip you can enter the total amount to pay and the application will help you To calculate the amount that corresponds to pay each one, you can connect the application between all travelers so that everyone is aware of the payments that have been made or how much each one owes. I must say that it is not only useful for travel, for example I have decided to use it for the day to day payments of the house, having the application shared with my husband and so we know how often we have to pay bills for the house and how much each one will have to pay.



This is a very original App to create a travel diary, you can upload your favorite photos along with comments of each one of them to remember exactly what happened at each moment, you can enter maps of the places you visited, you can save each one of your trips and create albums of each of them, share them on your social networks, other travelers can also follow your trip within the same application and the coolest thing about this app is that after you complete your travel diary you can even print them to have a good memory with different designs like polaroid box, calendar or gift cards!



This application is not focused on travel but with it you can edit all the photos of your trip, you can enhance them and then be able to share them, it is an application that I have been using for several years and it is the one that has been made the most friendly for me to edit photos.



Just this year I met this application and it is a good option to look for accommodation options, if you are looking for cheaper accommodation, this option is for you, unlike booking or Airbnb this application focuses only on Hostels, and for example if You travel alone is a very cool option to be able to meet more travelers since the hostels are full of good vibes and people with whom to share experiences in your destination. There are options from very rustic or simple hostels to hostels that have more of a boutique hotel, but yes, there is something for everyone!



This application will help you a lot when you travel outside your country, a travel problem can always be the exchange rate, not knowing exactly how much you are paying in your local currency, although I must say that I am a faithful believer in the phrase: " the one who converts does not have fun ", since you can spend the whole trip counting in your local currency how much you are spending and there may come a point where you think it is too much, however the application can get you out of one that Another rush during your trip planning to give you an idea of ​​how much you should save.



This application will be useful to you at the time of an emergency or unforeseen during a flight or waiting for the flight, since it shows you in real time the options that the airline offers you in case of flight cancellation, delay, overbooking or any unforeseen event. so it is good to always have it present at the airport so you can see if the flight is on time, if it will be delayed, schedules and unforeseen event.



This is another of the applications that I met this year and I loved it! It is very friendly to use it and apart from the fact that you can enter all the information about your travel itinerary you can also enter each peso you spend during, before and after the trip which is perfect to make a count of what was spent and plan future trips or help other travelers in planning, has the option to add a checklist of pending tasks that you have to do for planning and you can enter day by day what activities you will have and how much you will spend on each of them.



This is an application that saved my life many times when I moved to Guadalajara, since it tells you which train or bus routes to take for each place you need to go, if a single route does not take you to your destination or a single train, It tells you what combinations you can make in all the options of transportation in the city to get to where you need to go, it is very simple to use which is something that I also like a lot since usually this type of applications on public transport tend to be something confused.


and so far my top 10 for this new year, all the applications that I mentioned I have used, some more than others, all will help you to make planning your next trip something much easier. I hope they are very useful to you and I hope that this 2020 is full of new destinations and experiences for you!

to know more travel apps:

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