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As is tradition, this year you cannot miss the top 10 apps to travel this year that is beginning, if you have not read the two previous publications, I recommend doing so, since in each publication I present and explain 10 different apps, and with this post we already have a total of 30 apps to travel! We will not need anything during our next trip!

so let's start:

  1. KAYAK

This application became one of my favorites this year, the truth is that I have known it for a long time since it is a search engine for both flights and Accommodation, but I did not use it much because I knew options that seemed more friendly, it is That is why I had not included it in the previous lists, but the reality is that they have made excellent updates this last year and even so with the pandemic present, they knew exactly how to pamper the hearts of travelers haha ​​since they added a section of guides in where travelers can share tips about the routes they have already done, and just reading these guides is as if you were taking a virtual trip to the destination, personally I loved the guides that Gus and Cinthia of Nomadarte created, since they share us many tips for road trips within Mexico and other countries.

This App will also help you create alarms to notify you when the costs of a flight you are looking for are going up or down, this will help you in planning your trip to get as close as possible to the budget you have in mind.

They also included a section that I loved called TRIPS, where with your authorization, the application analyzes all your hotel and flight reservation confirmation emails, and concentrates the information, so you only need to enter a single place to see again. the confirmation information for your trip instead of looking for mail by mail inside your inbox.

Another super good tool that Kayak has added to its application is an interactive map to track restrictions and Biosafety measures, this will be super important to be able to make our trips with the possible health security, kayak will help us with this. Isn't it wonderful?


Many already know this application, I explain a little, it is an application that helps you find trips by car of people who have the same route as you, it can be shared with more people who also go to the same destination, you choose if you want to make the trip with that person or if you prefer to look for another option.

You can also share your car and your route if you are driving, and with this you also save on your trip.

Worried about your safety? blablacar analyzes all the profiles and identity documents of the people who enter the application, all the profiles receive evaluations from the people you travel with, so each user has a rating so to speak, thus you maintain the security of knowing with who will you travel

This is a very good option to economize on a trip, and to meet people, if you travel alone and your plan is to meet many people throughout your route, this is an excellent option.


I do not know why I had not put this application in previous lists haha ​​but it is also one of the most useful, in this app all the positive and negative comments from users of tourist destinations and / or hotels around the world are concentrated, we used to to book our hotels and lodgings based on the comments of people who have already stayed before, because this gives you a general overview of what to expect at the time of your stay, and gives you a guide regarding your priorities, for example If for you it is important that the water is always hot for bath time, in the comments you can see if this issue is a regular complaint.

Tripadvisor has a scale of the best-rated Hotels and the first in its ranking according to the destination, it is a total guarantee that your stay will be excellent.

Always before booking accommodation, I recommend you take a look at this application and also when planning your trip, since you will also find opinions about tourist attractions and restaurants, and thus you will have an idea of ​​costs, quality, and now also issues of biosecurity.

At the end of your trip you will be able to create opinions for all the places you have visited and thus join the valuable comments of travelers that will help others make a decision.


I love the soul and intention of this application, if your desire is to generate work experience and at the same time travel the world this application is for you.

This application gives you many options to volunteer in the tourism industry, from ecological projects, being a receptionist in a hostel in exchange for accommodation, among many more options, you will create friends, you will meet many people and you will be traveling and knowing new destinations, which Makes you kill 2 birds with one stone or 3 haha, travel, save money, make friends, and work experience.

If you are interested in knowing a specific country or continent, you can activate the filters within the application to show you the work and volunteer options only in that region. And now, what excuse not to travel?


We continue with the applications that will save us money on our trip.

This Tool is a network of travelers who are willing to offer you a little place in their home for you to stay during your stay in that destination, free of charge.

I have heard many very good stories about this application but also horror stories hahaha and it all depends on the host with which you are staying and if it is compatible with your personality, that is why I would recommend when creating your profile to do it the most Certainly possible, with your preferences or also with things that you don't like so much. If you are a person who enjoys more time alone and more privacy, this is probably not the best option for you, but if you are a traveler who wants to meet everyone, who loves to party and does not mind so much sleeping maybe in an armchair then is ideal for you, haha.

I mean, you can find everything in this application, from hosts who don't even see them during your entire stay and who offer you a room just for you, to hosts who have good intentions to take you and bring you everywhere and that you know everything about their city and have hours of endless talks, but it does not detach from you and you probably need to take a break from your busy trip and be left for just a moment. haha but they are the pros and cons of this application, it helps you to save money on your trip but you have to be super selective to find an excellent host, also this application can leave friends for life, apart from the fact that it is true that the best is to know a destination next to a local.


I just knew about this application and the truth is that it is a super good app, since it gives you a key entrance to the comfortable waiting rooms at airports that normally you have to have a super VIP membership to enter them, of course nothing is free in This life so is with a prepaid system, but it will serve you a lot when you know that you will have a long and tiring trip or that you have a connection with a long waiting time and that the airport is too far from the city to have time to do something. the bad news is that it is only available for IOS.


This is an application that will get you out of trouble on a trip to a country where they don't speak your language and where you don't know the local language, we know that signs always work hahaha but is always helpful to have a saving option, especially in cases of an emergency.

This application has the possibility of translating into more than 100 languages, listening to the sentences so that the person you are trying to communicate with understands it faster and also has a way to use it without having to be connected to the Internet, so it will help to keep it in mind for your next trips abroad.


This application is a super complete Audioguide that you can take with you on your trips, it has complete information on more than 3000 cities around the world in your language, you will only have to have your GPS turned on for the application to detect your location and show you the options of guides that it has for you according to your location.

Another option that this application has is that it also shows you routes that you can follow and locate yourself on the map with photos and audio guides.



This is one more option to read and learn about travel guides, you will have to have your GPS turned on for the application to suggest nearby destinations and travel routes, but it is an excellent option to find activities around you and good lodging and restaurant options.

Find inspiration, what to see and where to go with this application.


Definitely LONELY PLANET is the best collection of guides from all the destinations in the world, you really have no idea how complete they are and the options and recommendations it gives you, its traditional format which is printed, is super complete but to be According to the digital age, they created their digital format with this application, and so it will be much easier to follow up on your guides in a millennial version haha, and it will also be easier to search for your favorite destinations, places that you liked the most for later recommend them.

It really is a super travel library, it has guides to places that you do not imagine existed haha ​​and this is because this company already has many years of experience and knowledge, so for me, they have the best collection of guides for travel, another great quality that this app has is that with it you can book experiences in each destination. You can also download maps to view them without the need for the Internet.

And here we finish the list of Apps that will help us plan, save money and enjoy our next trips this 2021, I hope it will be very useful for you and tell me how it goes when you use them.

If you want to know more travel applications I share the previous lists:

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