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Goodbye to the carry on suitcase?

Hello travelers! How are you doing? I already missed writing.

Today I want to talk to you about a piece of news that the Intentional Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has just given in relation to the carry-on bags that we could put in the cabin during our trips.

According to the new ICAO regulation for health measures within the "new normal" it will be forbidden to enter the cabin of the plane with a carry-on bag, this in order to further avoid physical contact between person and person. , in relation to the fact that many times during the flights we request help from other people or from the flight attendant to raise, lower or accommodate the suitcases inside the safe cabins that are above the seats. According to ICAO, having carry-on bags inside the cabin encourages physical contact and therefore the spread of viruses, so we can only carry a small suitcase such as a backpack or a bag (like the one women use) and that fits underneath from the seat in front of us.

Therefore, the recommendation will be to document all the suitcases so as not to carry luggage in the passenger cabin and thus avoid contacts. I believe that this will be a conflictive issue for those airlines that charge an extra for documenting carry-on bags and putting them in the hold, I suppose they will have to modify their costs and regulations to adapt to the new ICAO indications. ICAO has also implemented other measures, among them is the use of masks during the entire documentation, boarding and flight process, although this is something that we all already had in mind as part of the "new normal", all these regulations must be adapted to the legislation of each Country.

I must tell you that this news did cause me a bit of discomfort haha ​​the 10kg carry-on suitcase was our savior on many trips and it saves you a bit of money by not documenting suitcases, especially on short trips where it is not necessary a huge 23kg suitcase. Even on our last trip to Cuba we only carried hand luggage and that was enough, I have even mentioned them in previous blog articles in tips on how to save a trip, now we will have to adapt to the new way of traveling and understand that All these new regulations are more than anything to take care of our health and the service personnel in charge of the flight. Tell me how it helped you to carry only one carry-on bag on a trip Soon we will be able to meet new and exciting travel destinations again!

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I wish you excellent future trips!

Cristi Lugo

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