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Actualizado: 14 abr 2019

Hello Travelers! Today I bring you my top 10 applications that are super practical at the time of organizing your next trip, both at the time of planning and at the time you are in the destination, personally are applications that have worked for me much to save on the trips I've made

¿ready? let´s start....


Let´s start with this application that supports us with the reservation of hotels around the world, it has a super benefit that is to become a GENIUS traveler in a short time of using it, which means that you will get super discounts on hotel rates and also a preferential treatment in hotels or benefits such as early check in or late check out, another benefit of booking through this page is that the payment is optional, you can make the direct payment with or in the hotel, in my opinion I would advise paying directly to the hotel since in this way you ensure more flexibility in the reservation and if you require an invoice, it will be easier to request it directly to the hotel. Personally it is my favorite place to book hotel at super accessible prices

Available for:


This App is my favorite if you want to find a place to stay and have the most local travel experience, thanks to this application you can find hosts willing to offer you a space inside your house or an entire department for you alone, I have stayed thanks to this application already 5 times and I have not had any problems, some of the times if I have met the hosts in person and others is only communicating through the application, what if I recommend you is always make the payment of the reservation through from the same application, never by any other ways.

Available for: Android y IOS

I´ll give you the link so you can start your first experience with Airbnb with a special discount


Trivago is a search engine for hotels around the world, it is a super useful tool to compare rates among online agencies such as Expedia, Booking, take off and the hotel's own page, in this search engine you can find the lowest available rate and redirect you to the page of the selected agency, it is not an agency as such, since trivago does not make hotel reservations but helps you find the lowest rate available on the internet

Tip: beware, not always letting you go for the lowest rate is the best idea, since most of the time they are not cancelable or modifiable rates, and if you have an emergency or unexpected you can not request your money back or make changes on the dates. I recommend you read completely all the conditions and policies before making any reservation on the internet to avoid unforeseen events .

Available for: Android y IOS


I think this application is already a favorite and must of many, since it is very useful when traveling to new cities and not getting lost, more if you are traveling in your own car or if you rent any in the destination, it is also very useful at the moment of walking around the city


This is a map application that is also very cool and useful, since not only will it provide you with the address or how to get there, but it will also provide interesting and historical information about the place, this is incredible, right?

Available for: Android y IOS


This application was my faithful companion throughout my stay in Canada, it is a very cool application that helps you search from coffee shops to beauty salons near you, the search results can be filtered among the cheapest, the closest, the better ranked, also subdivide the results according to your preferences, for example, petfriendly cafes, specialized rib bars, craft beer bars available, etc. Actually, it is one of my favorites helps you even in the same city where you live to find new places to have a beer.

Available for: Android


This application will help you find the most basic services that we always forget we might need to travel, such as gas stations, pharmacies, banks, coffee shops, hospitals, hotels. Very useful especially when we go to a country where we do not speak the same language and it is difficult to ask for directions

Available for: Android y IOS


As funny as it sounds, who has not been in any emergency uncomfortable where you urgently need a bath? And more in a new city or country where they speak another language, what a discomfort! Haha then this application will save you in those emergencies, telling you where the bathroom is closest to you.

Available for: Android y IOS


I know that many of you are planning your trip to Europe this 2019, because this application will be perfect for that trip, since it works as a search engine for the best options and rates to move within the country or from one country to another, bus tickets , train or plane, you can also make changes to your itinerary with this same application, it is the star application when looking for cheap tickets.

Available for: Android y IOS


Thanks to this application we have found our super cheap plane tickets to both Colombia and Canada, it is a flight search engine that helps you find the lowest rate for your next flight, you have the option to alarm some route that you are looking for and you will receive notifications when the rate goes up or down, so you know when to buy it. And you redirect to the page of the airline that is offering that rate

It also has an option where you can enter a world map and you will be marked the rates for all destinations, if you are still planning your next trip, but do not know where to go, after all, we all know that things flights are more expensive, then skyscanner will take us out of trouble

Tip: It is also important that you review the lowest rates that appear in the list, most of the cheap flights are like this because it has 1 or 2 stops at other airports, and if you travel with the times counted it will be a bit difficult for you. scales, otherwise if you have no problem with this just review your time and airlines that are connected.

Available for: Android y IOS

I hope you have liked my top 10 and that these applications are really useful for your travel this 2019 !

have a good trip!!

Cristi Lugo

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