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Actualizado: 8 may 2019

Hello travelers! Today I am writing to you with a subject that I personally like a lot and that also causes controversy haha

The question is: Do you like to travel as a couple, with friends or alone?

The truth is that every time we have its advantages and disadvantages and each one.

I do not say that one or the other sea better or worse, simply a trip can live it totally different in one way or another.

Traveling alone is an opportunity to discover yourself, you do not have to be negotiating with anyone about where to go, you simply go where you want to go and that's it. it is an opportunity to grow personally and that miles of situations can be presented, it is also an opportunity to make miles of friends in the destination where you are traveling and this is super great

Traveling with friends is also amazing, more if they are your closest friends, it depends on how the group of friends is but this type of travel is more of a party that is also cool because you know this facet of the destination you visit, the atmosphere of night and group activities during the day.

today I want to talk more specifically about traveling as a couple

Practically these last 5 years I have traveled with my boyfriend (now husband), at the beginning I had the truth a small conflict with which my passion for traveling is enormous! haha what is said gigantic, monumental haha ​​and he did not share this pleasure with me so much, but since we decided to make that first trip together (he went to Colombia) we have not stopped traveling and experience new places, the truth that I really appreciate this part of wanting to share this pleasure to travel with me. and I'm very happy to see how he enjoys it too.

the truth is that in a trip you can see if that person is compatible with you and put your patience to the test haha, and that is that on a trip you can go through everything, stressful moments if you miss a flight, expenses that you had not foreseen, problems with the language, we have spent everything in travel but that has caused us to know each other more, we know how the other reacts to such situations and know if you stay or you go hehe


Especially if they already have a lot of time together or are already married, taking a trip once in a while helps you change of scene and get out of the routine that this is always super good for a couple, because it helps to refresh the feeling. There are times we are so involved in the routine of everyday life that it is always good to put a little emotion to life, although if I want to emphasize that this does not necessarily have to be done with a trip, yes, it helps enormously haha ​​but also in your own city you can find different activities or places, a concert, go to a spa together or meet new restaurants.


I saw this more in the last trip that we made to the beach, in a trip as a couple it is 100% full time with the couple, many times in the day to day because everyone is at work, or at home probably each one is in their activities, but on one trip is to enjoy the other totally, on the last trip we were lying on the beach all afternoon talking about things in life that we had not touched before, and you know how incredible that is? you know more about each other and the time of a trip is to enjoy it and each conversation is so enjoyable because you know you are in no hurry at all


This is always good, it is always good to do things like get on a plane when it has never been done, jump a bongie, zip line, rappel, ride a jet ski, snorkel, etc. one and a thousand more activities that you can perform and that by the simple fact of feeling and sharing them, they are always marked in the couple


do you agree that a couple (married or not) always have to make decisions together, where are we going to have dinner?, how much do we have to spend?, what do we do to solve a problem?, on a trip you can be presented thousands of decisions in just 1 day, and if you do not agree, a problem is sure, this is where this point is strengthened and learned


for the simple fact of traveling and is a pretext to be romantic, dine somewhere nice, schedule a dinner at the hotel, live a honeymoon over and over again.

This is my opinion about traveling as a couple, I love to travel with my husband and I think that the more you travel you share everything becomes better because you know that you like the other and not on a trip, which places you prefer together and this enriches the experience.

 and to you, what do you like the most?  

the three ways of traveling are very good, you live the trip in different ways, I think that if you travel with your partner you must enjoy it 100%, if you travel with friends also enjoy it to the maximum to strengthen this friendship and if there are opportunities to travel alone also do it to know yourself and enjoy yourself.

have a good next trip!

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Hola todavía no usado este tipo de alojamiento pero por lo que mencionas parece bueno, gracias por la información

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